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October 2008

I was reading a local newspaper paper that had a page called “Health View” – which is actually  an advertisement page. Of course they make it look like it is part of the editorial copy – even though there is fine print that says “paid advertisiment”

In the article, someone asked if hearing test are really free. The answer was : “Yes hearing test
are really free.”
I know a lot of seniors who have had free hearing test.
But I must say, I know none who got free hearing aides.
I always enjoy the “studies”. This one read 2/3 of the population 70 and older can be helped by some type of hearing instrument. We all know our hearing could use some help after 70, as well has our eyes, our sense of smell, yes and other things.
I wonder if anyone over 70 has been told, your hearing is fine, we don’t need to sell you
hearing aides. Probably not.
This is a pretty good check list to reference too:


The gay man on hospice that I worte about earlier in the week died yesterday.
 I am refering to this post:
It was peaceful, hospice  seems to surround the dying with the love and care needed to make that happen.

So now I listen to his grieving partner. I have done this before with people in grief.
Long term marriages between man and women, parent or parents who had died
and to me the worse a child who has died.
I guess all I am saying is that this man’s
grief is just as profound and painful as any I have exprienced.
I hope he finds a support group to help him with this diffcult journey.
I facilitate such a group and I would consider it an honor if he attends.


Here’s an important point to remember!

If you are picking up a drug prescribed to you that you have used in the past, but not currently, always ask to speak to a Pharmacist.

Just because you have used the medication before it may be assumed that you know all you need to know.

 However, if some of you other medications have changed, you may have a reaction.

The Pharmacist can do a check to be sure all is fine or not

Also, it’s always a good idea to check the labels and the contents of the bottles, before leaving. Do all you can to avoid mistakes that can and do happen!



With the election around the corner here in California and Proposition 8 regarding same sex civil unions being on the ballot in California – I thought this was an important story to share.
I have been a  Berevement and Hospice volunteer for a number of years.
Today I visited with a gay man who was dying and on hospice.
This mans biggest fear was not that he was dying, it was what was going to happen to his partner of 30years. Because they were gay his life partner could or would lose everything to some other people.
Here are two people who have shared 30 years together and the system says they have no legal rights.
What is also sad is the surviving partner has no say in the funeral arrangements.
Somehow I feel a great deal of injustice in all of this.