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December 2008

This is an important speech from Biochemist Gregory Petsko.He makes a convincing argument that, in the next 50 years, we’ll see an epidemic of neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, as the world population ages…if you do not see the video player – click on one to play it.



I recently found this blog Fat Old Artist (great title) and also this post. It is a bit dated in reference to John McCain.

But it still poses what I think is a valid question that we should all give some more thought to the women’s movement rights and factors surrounding it in politics.



I recently did a summary of the various Medicare Plans and I have a follow up example today.


If you’re happy with your current plan stay with it.


Why you ask?  Because I have a friend who saw an online plan that offered a premium of $20 a month . The following year  the premium went up by  over 300% It was a bait and switch.


I have seen the free magazine called Life after 50 to be helpful. I see it in

hospital lobbies and drug stores most often. They also have a website and social network community for people 50+. I am not a member at this time but I may check it out.


A friend who visits a lady with Alzheimer’s, ask me if I would go in her place.



My friend was not feeling well on the visit day and she knew how much this lady looked forward to the visit. I told her yes but I needed to know what to expect.



People with Alzheimer can have good days as well has bad.  My friend said Doris lived at a very nice assisted living home and was well taken care of. What Doris didn’t have was family or friends.



All I had to do was read to her from children’s books, which she dearly loved.

She would not know who I was , her daughter, her good friend Ida or maybe her Mother.


I spent a couple of hours with her and could see she was getting tired.

As I was getting ready to leave she handed me a pretty box and told me it was a gift for me. I knew to take it and thank her for it, nothing else would do.

We don’t take gifts so I would leave it with her caregiver when I left.


I then opened the pretty box, folded back the pink tissue and there in that lovely

box was her dentures. I told my friend about it and she said oh! I forgot to tell you about the gift Doris always gives to her visitor.



I was glad Doris thought I deserved a gift.