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August 2009

Picture 2This blog about Boomers in Transition has some good writers and is worth a peek.

it’s called Serene Ambition and it seems to be filled with guest posts and stories and perspectives of late middle aged people turning to early old age. An interesting time and possibly as the next most difficult stage as adolescence – perhaps.

Not very commercial from what I can see – I’ve place it into the REAL DEAL batch.


hearing aids

I have talked about hearing aid ads before. Well. I saw a list on the top basic questions on hearing  aids….

Thought it might be helpful so wanted to share it

1. Describe what hearing aids actually do

Every hearing aid has four basic parts:

A microphone which grabs the sound

An amplifier that turns up the volume of the sound

A speaker that delivers the sound to you

A battery which juices up all the power

In order to hear you need the sound coming into you ear that is turned up loud enough so that you can recognize it. There needs to be enough energy to make all the parts work.

2. What are the three different types of hearing aids?

Regular analog

Programmable analog

Programmable digital

If you’d like to learn more about hearing aid basics. Click on the the link.


Well – I started my list of Bogus Senior Sites – so I figured it made sense to start a leat of the “REAL DEAL” siest too.

I came across this nice Live Journal Blog called Late Life Crisis by a gentleman named Prescott Lustig. I want to dig in a little further but it looks  like the REAL DEAL and I think he has some good stuff there. Prescott – congratulations on make the Seniore Health Moment Real Deal List!


So – the first place BogusI decided to start on listing bogus senior sites is with the url (that is the web address) Senior Health Dot Com  – Don’t bother going.

This is what is called a “Parked Page” where someone bought the url – put up a basic looking site and then makes money off the traffic they send or “funnel” as it is called in the industry to affiliate sites.

Affiliate sites pay a commission back to the origination site when a product is bought.

Don’t get me wrong – affiliate and advertising is a good source of revenue for web sites. You will even see ads on this site which helps defray some costs. But make no mistake that this is all a robot thing and there is not real value to be had when going to these “parked” web sites. There are literally millions of sites like these.

In fact – this particular site is for sale … at least the web address is (that’s the url). Guess how much they want for it? $95,000! Shows you that a lot of people type this in and they can make money off these people coming to the site. But – it is also a memorable address too – I will give them that. But almost a hundred thousand dollars…I don;t know about that!

They are usually harmless but – beware!