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November 2010

We’ve all thought about what we wished we would have said to someone before they passed. People we know, people we love and even people we never met.

Here’s a web site that allows you to say what was left unsaid:

So far they have over a thousand letters. Maybe this site can help you or someone you know have closure.

And here’s something I can’t say enough… I’d like to say thank you for all of the Veterans who have served our country.


In the United States, unless you live in Hawaii, Arizona or Indiana (did I miss any states?) this weekend marks the return to “Standard Time”.

Kim Painter in USA Today has her “5 Ways” column and devoted it to things to do with the “extra” hour you get when we turn the clocks back Saturday night or Sunday morning

It motivated me to get a head start and get back to writing on Senior Health Movement to share with you tips on everything from scams to medical science, family relationships to having fun and also dealing with the inevitable that so many of us are headed to as well.

Here’s Kim’s tips:

- Do something – anything that you have been putting off.

- Take a long walk

- Get prepared for a disaster or emergency

- Clean out the junk drawer – always fun because I find a treasure or two!

- Sleep … many of us can always use a little extra but come on – time is getting short – Do Something!

What are you going to do with your extra hour? Let me know

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There’s Driving Miss Daisy as well as Miss Daisy driving herself out there – and it’s getting trickier to navigate the roads each year.

Did you know that there are more people 70+ driving today than ever?

Of course you did because there are more of us than ever period….so it is logical that more of us a driving.

I saw a stat that while 1 in 10 Americans are 70+ today – 1 in 5 will be in 2040. Interesting but not that relevant to me – unless I come back reincarnated that is! But fact of the matter is – it’s tougher to drive safe as you grow older.

I know my reflexes are slower but what really gets me is night vision. Can’t see a dang thing sometimes.

Here’s a list of some things to watch out for that can tell you if its getting times to give up the keys or at least limit the amount of driving you do:

- More dents and scratches on the car than before. Make a count now and check next month – did you have some more? Yes? Better think about it.

- Tickets or warnings. At our age we are old enough to know better. There is absolutely no reason to be pulled over – so if you are…you gotta think about it.

- Getting lost around town. Hey – the memory is going for many of us – and if we get lost in our own neighborhood for safety sake we have to take a hard look at that fact.

- Getting honked at a lot? Probably not your looks. Again a warning sign.

Got any other tips or ideas for us? Let me know!

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