Bogus Senior Site #1 – it’s an obvious first one…

by Mary on August 9, 2009

So – the first place BogusI decided to start on listing bogus senior sites is with the url (that is the web address) Senior Health Dot Com  – Don’t bother going.

This is what is called a “Parked Page” where someone bought the url – put up a basic looking site and then makes money off the traffic they send or “funnel” as it is called in the industry to affiliate sites.

Affiliate sites pay a commission back to the origination site when a product is bought.

Don’t get me wrong – affiliate and advertising is a good source of revenue for web sites. You will even see ads on this site which helps defray some costs. But make no mistake that this is all a robot thing and there is not real value to be had when going to these “parked” web sites. There are literally millions of sites like these.

In fact – this particular site is for sale … at least the web address is (that’s the url). Guess how much they want for it? $95,000! Shows you that a lot of people type this in and they can make money off these people coming to the site. But – it is also a memorable address too – I will give them that. But almost a hundred thousand dollars…I don;t know about that!

They are usually harmless but – beware!

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