Hormon Replacement Therapy Thoughts

Hormone replacement therapy and the risk of cancer and heart disease have been in the news a lot lately.

I was and still am a participant in the Women’s Health Initiative study. I have not taken hormone replacement since the study saw an increase in heart disease and breast cancer in women taking this therapy. I fill out a yearly health report for tracking

Purposes. Women on the hormones doubled their risk of breast cancer. Hormone therapy has dropped 70% since the study revealed the risk of breast cancer and heart disease.

We are now beginning to see a decline in breast cancer for the first time in years. Yet, I read Hormone therapy remains a ”good health care choice to relieve moderate to severe menopausal symptoms” says a statement from Wyeth, which made the pills    in the study.  I sometimes wonder about pharmaceutical companies and the FDA

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Jane Marian 07.19.10 at 9:25 am

Pharmaceutical companies are out to make money – that’s that. One of the reasons why AIDS was ignored and spread in its beginning stages when it was in US was because pharmaceutical companies didn’t see themselves making any money on selling it – because it was portrayed as primarily a “gay” or “black” disease.

I think you will like this blog. It’s about how the pharmaceutical company approaches the topic of menopause: http://www.silvercensus.com/blog/senior-home-care/pharmaceutical-discourses-on-menopause

Thank you for your posts! I really like them!

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