Real Estate Agent

I was reading an article in a home guide paper.

A real estate agent was writing about how home prices must come down.

One comment was that home-owner related expenses rose faster than income. The article then says that is a good explanation why many people making higher incomes than ever are unable to afford their homes. She goes on to say that how California collected more income in recent years and now is on the brink of bankruptcy.

She then asks, could it be that state government invented loan modification?

I have a couple of questions for her. Why did you sell  high price homes to people who could not afford them? Did you or your brokers explain to these folks what loan modification really means. My guess that the answer to these questions would be no.

After all it’s all about money. I have one more question for you. Are you now on the brink of bankruptcy? May be some folks are hoping so. As it is often said, what goes around comes around.

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