Hearing Aid Common Questions

by Mary on August 12, 2009

hearing aids

I have talked about hearing aid ads before. Well. I saw a list on the top basic questions on hearingĀ  aids….

Thought it might be helpful so wanted to share it

1. Describe what hearing aids actually do

Every hearing aid has four basic parts:

A microphone which grabs the sound

An amplifier that turns up the volume of the sound

A speaker that delivers the sound to you

A battery which juices up all the power

In order to hear you need the sound coming into you ear that is turned up loud enough so that you can recognize it. There needs to be enough energy to make all the parts work.

2. What are the three different types of hearing aids?

Regular analog

Programmable analog

Programmable digital

If you’d like to learn more about hearing aid basics. Click on the the link.

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