Youngins and their “Googley Docs”

Now – for some of you this may be over your head technical wise but I bet for most you know what this is all about.

I thought this was so funny because I have always taken pride in my ability to keep up with and use the latest technology advancements. But even I can’t really stand Google Docs or as they say here “Googly Docs”.

If you don’t know these are you can read about them here but let me just say they are buggy little bugger take offs on popular microsoft programs like Word and Excel. They are kind of neat becasue they let you share data in “real time” vs sending attachments back and forth but they are sometimes hard to load and don’t support many common features.

Is any of this making sense to you?

Sorry if it doesn’t. But I am sure some of you will get this…I especially like the reference to being 2 years older. Really talks to how fast technology is changing these days!

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