Medicare d and the other Medicare abc’s








I read an advertisement for a Medicare plan the other day.


There are alot of these ads right now because  this is an open enrollment period.


Between now and Dec. 31st 2008 you can stay with your plan or switch.


I really had to work at getting a clear picture of all this.


Part A helps cover inpatient care in hospitals, as well as skilled nursing facility,

hospice and home health care.


Part B helps cover doctor’s service and outpatient care and some preventive services.


An example of this would be colorectal cancer screenings, bone density test, Lab services and the like.


Part D offers prescription drug coverage to everyone with Medicare.


There are two ways to get Part D .

1. Medicare prescription  Drug  plans.

2. Medicare Advantage plans.


Sounds pretty simple, well its not, also the pharase “helps pay” is used often.That’s exactly what it does - it helps.


I found that being with an HMO, namely Kaiser, and joining their Senior Advantage

program worked the best for me.


I was already with Kaiser before I turned 65 so alot of the work was already taken care of. They send me a update once a year and it is easy to understand.


I’ll have another example of this mess in a future post.


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