Kaiser Phone Tree

I came upon a blog regarding an ER clerk having trouble reaching a Kaiser doctor. She seemed very unhappy with the automated phone tree and the fact one needed to push a button for English or Spanish. My first thought was it wasn’t Kaiser that annoyed her, but the fact that we offer so many language options rather than just sticking with English.


When I call Kaiser the system starts with English and then in Spanish quickly states press 2 for Spanish (in Spanish).


She also complains about how difficult it was to reach a Kaiser members doctor. If the member had his Kaiser ID card with him there is a phone # on the back that would have connected her with the doctor or a  person who could help her  right  away.


This card should be carried with the member all the time or at least the phone #. However, if the member should not have it the clerk can call the phone tree # listen to the options it will tell you to leave a message for doctor press the # a human will come on the phone very quickly and help you with the issue.

I understand that the patient must give written permission  to satisfy HIPPA requirements.

I also understand that member’s services will talk to the clerk on how to handle these types of situations.

I have had two emergency visits outside of Kaiser and had no problems.

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Jane Marian 07.19.10 at 9:21 am

It seems that sometimes instead of learning the system (like how important it is to keep an insurance card on you at all times) some people tend to just complain when things don’t make sense to them. Insurance stuff is messy and confusing, but doing simple things like carrying your card with you is helpful. Asking questions is good as well. It was really nice of you to write this blog and double-check your this person’s accuracy about Kaiser!

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