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Below is my first intro when I started this project. Since then I’ve slowed down and bit and now look for additional contributors. I have also expanded beyond just health items to include all things important to Seniors. Most everything here still applies though.


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Mary and my various contributors


I’m Mary.

A sixty something…ok seventy something… year old woman.

And like 99.9% of people my age – I am a health care consumer.

My husband John is too. Big time in fact (were talking multiple bypasses here) and I do all the leg work when it comes to navigating the system for him too.

Be it Medicare, Kaiser Permanente HMO, prescriptions drugs and everything else – I know my way around it all and I hope my experience might help you.

Now then, although I have never been in the medical industry during my past career – I have always been very interested and involved in heath and medicine and health finances too…( I was in the financial industry actually – back when that industry was for real). And I have also been an active volunteer at local hospitals which has included some bereavement and hospice counseling in the past too.

I started this blog at the encouragement of my granddaughter who knows more about this kind of stuff than me. She told me that people could really be helped by someone who knows her way around “the system”. And that I do.

She tells me that the Internet can allow me to help others figure it out. Well there’s no figuring this mess out but there are some things that can really make things easier for you. All I have to do is write about what I know and live just about everyday and also try to answer some questions from readers.

I think she is crazy myself.

I mean who is really going to be that interested and how the heck is anybody ever going to find my little blog. But she assures me that writing my personal experiences, tips, tricks and advice from my perspective can help people.

And since I have always been interested in medicine – which is suppose to help people – I guess that makes this a pretty good fit.

So that’s it. Hope you find this stuff useful and drop me a comment or question and I will do my best to give you my opinion that I hope can help you or someone that is important to you.


(my daughter says that means Talk To You Soon) and is hipper than “Yours Truly” which is what we said in “my day”.

Whatever. (spans generations)

Yours truly,


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