The Purpose of this Blog

This Blog is met to help you – the senior health care consumer – better understand and deal with the “system.

The Price of Senior Health
It is particularly focused on health systems in California– but much of the content will apply to seniors around the USA. Some of it is universal. And it usually involves a lot of money too (hence the photo my granddaughter found that I thought looked good here)


 I cover a lot of ground here. General health, insurance, medicare,hospice, and many more topics all from a senior citizen’s health consumer point of view.


 There is a special focus on the Kaiser Permanente health care system and many posts and tips will be useful for any reader that uses Kaiser regardless of age.

 The point is – health care is complicated and getting worse. Any time you can get some advice from someone who has been there and done that – it typically helps.

And simply stated, that’s the purpose of this Blog.


 I’d LOVE to hear from you some please do leave a comment or question.


Be well! 


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