From the monthly archives:

December 2008

I had a friend ask if it was too late for a flu shot. So I did some checking and the Doctor at Your ER Doc had the following to say about getting a flu shot.


We are getting very close to the deadline of switching Medicare plans.


It is my understanding that there are some strict rules now that say plans and brokers cannot knock on your door or send you sales materials without your request.

It is also stated that they can not give free meals. As I write this I am looking at five mailers sent to me without me requesting them. More than one offers a free seminar at various restaurants. I decided to check this out. What they had was rolls, muffins, desserts and the like; of course one could say that was

not a meal.  One plan was no co-payments to your personal doctor, however if you want to see a specialist there would be a charge . I ask what that amount would be and I was told it would depend on what the reason would be! The plan had 0 monthly premiums.  However, there was a $200.00 a month charge for Part D.


I found all of the information very misleading. It seemed like the more questions I ask the less time they had for me.  So, I will stay with what I have, it works for me.


I read a letter to the editor from a women who said her physician dumped her (her words)

because she turned 65 and was now on Medicare.


Unless this doctor’s ‘patients are celebrities, politicians or better yet, Auto industry CEO’s he may want to reconsider .


With more and more companies, industries, and the like folding not only are people out of work they also have no health insurance. The way I see it with the aging of America this Doc’s livelihood may depend on us old folk.



I am a person who prefers to listen rather than talk, so listening skills is something I understand. The part that I was having trouble with was the “just be” part of my hospice volunteering.
A personal experience changed that for me. I was sitting in the surgery waiting room at the hospital, my husband was having his second triple bypass, there was only six years between this one and the first one. My children were there as were many friends coming and going. I was surrounded by a wonderful support system.
On my right and left sides sat two long time friends. The one to my left talked continuously. The stories about her darling dog and his cute tricks. The recipes for some jello thing she makes. I recall something about travel and how everyone loves her pictures.

The friend on my right sat quietly reading a book or working a crossword puzzle. The only time my friend on the right spoke was when I spoke to her. Sallie would put her book or crossword puzzle down and turn to me and listen. That day I knew what “just be” meant. I remember every little of the conversation to the left of me and I was very happy when she had to leave.

My friend Sallie stays with me to this day